Practice of tax and customs law

Consultations and support in matters of taxation and customs legislation


Intellectual Property Practices (Copyright)

Protection of intellectual property, copyright.
Support for registration of trademarks and patents


IT Law Practice

Full legal support for the launch of any company’s IT infrastructure, such as: contracts for the purchase and sale of equipment, hosting, IT infrastructure management, IT consulting, IT outsourcing for a number of internal functions, IT infrastructure audit;
Comprehensive assistance in managing e-business, developing projects and supporting the process of signing related contracts: providing services through the Internet, buying and selling goods through web sites, user custom agreements, terms of confidentiality;
Advice on issues related to the protection of personal data, e-commerce, public electronic auctions, contracting in electronic form, use of electronic digital signatures.


Corporate Business Security (Economic and IT Security)


Practice of Economic and Civil Law

Support of economic operations, pre-trial settlement of disputes (mediation), compliance


Practice of Land and Agrarian Law

Due diligense of land plots, representation of clients’ interests in the state government bodies, support in exercising legal authority.
Comprehensive protection of enterprises, activities to counter illegal takeovers, development of programs for internal and external protection of business


Practice of Construction and Investment Law

Assistance in obtaining permits, analysis of investment risks, development of investment projects and their support


Practice of protection in criminal proceedings

Representation and protection of interests at all stages of the criminal process, white colar crime


Labor Law Practice