Corporate Business Security (Economics and IT Security)

  • Providing legal advice;
  • Development of legal documents of any complexity;
  • Information support (briefing) to the staff of the company about the details and the procedure during the inspections;
  • Checking counterparties, eliminating the risk of working with “intermediate” or “dummy” firms, minimizing tax audits and losses;
  • Audit of contracts at the stage of reconciliation, verification of current contractual relations, analysis of insolvency risks and default, implementation of instruments for securing obligations;
  • Setting work with personnel, tax, contractual and commercial documentation, establishment of legal protection of documents, establishment of confidential information regime and protection of commercial information at the level of responsible personnel, introduction of the procedure of disclosure and providing information to third parties;
  • Appeal against decisions (actions) of the fiscal service, protection against criminal risks in the current activity;
  • Ensuring the client’s interests in all relations with law enforcement agencies, including processing (support):
    1. requests from law enforcement agencies;
    2. temporary access (seizures) to objects and documents;
    3. office / housing searches;
    4. interrogation of owners, managers and employees of enterprises.
  • Other services.
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