The practice of labor law

  • Providing advice on employment, remuneration, social benefits and guarantees, working and rest time, dismissal, employment protection, protection of confidential information, protection of intellectual property rights and personal data, others;
  • Drafting of employment contracts and contracts for top management, standard contracts for enterprises, individual contracts of employment of individual employees, internal documentation of the enterprise that regulates labor relations;
  • Resolving wage arrears and developing compensation plans, wage tax planning;
  • Legal audit of compliance with labor and anti-corruption legislation;/li>
  • Protection of employees ‘and employers’ interests in employment relations, during their establishment and termination;
  • Settlement of labor law disputes in pre-trial and court;
  • Development of personnel documentation and its alignment with the current legislation and internal policy of the company, namely:
    1. development of employment contracts and contracts,
    2. registration of employment contracts,
    3. development and registration of collective agreements,
    4. development of job descriptions, staffing, regulations on subdivisions, orders and other personnel documentation.
  • Obtaining work permits for foreigners.
  • And other services.
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