Practice of commercial and civil law

  • Providing legal advice;
  • Contract work, drafting of economic contracts and divergence protocols, legal support of contracting and termination of contracts;
  • Legal examination of documents and analysis of court prospects of consideration of economic dispute, gathering of evidence, definition of strategy and tactics of conducting business case in court;
  • Disputes about the invalidation of transactions, the claim of property from unlawful taking;
  • Disputes related to receiving compensation from insurance companies and the culprit of the accident;
  • Consumer protection cases (in case of sale of low quality goods, late fulfillment of warranty obligations, etc.);
  • Disputes about the invalidation of various contracts (agreements) or violation of their terms;
  • Collection of penalties for interest, interest, inflation payments, compensation of losses, lost profit and debt, recognition of contracts invalid, assignment of claim and transfer of debt;
  • Business management in the economic court, preparation of procedural documents for the economic court, filing a claim in the economic court, participation in the economic process;
  • Supporting the execution of court decisions, enforcement of decisions of foreign courts, control over the actions of the executive service, pre-trial settlement of disputes, negotiation, drafting and conclusion of a settlement agreement and more.
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