Practice of construction and investment law

  • Advice on the application of town planning legislation and capital investment, licensing and state regulation in the field of construction;
  • Due diligence of real estate and unfinished construction projects for the purpose of their acquisition, restoration, reconstruction, completion of construction, risk assessment of investment projects;
  • Support of all stages of the conclusion and execution of investment contracts, joint venture agreements, delegation of part of the functions of the customer of construction, protocols of intentions, purchase and sale contracts, mines, leases, mortgages, design, general contracting, contracting, subcontracting, delivery, copyright and technical supervision, connection of communications, etc .;
  • Support for obtaining permits in the field of construction and other documents (urban planning conditions and restrictions on land development, specifications depending on the projected communications and altitudes, limits, etc.) required for construction, demolition of buildings, commissioning, restoration, reconstruction;
  • Representation of clients’ interests in relations with state authorities (including controlling bodies) and local self-government bodies;/li>
  • State registration of real estate rights, registration and removal of encumbrances on real estate;
  • Administrative and judicial protection of real estate objects.
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