The practice of defense in criminal proceedings

  • Protection in criminal proceedings relating to business and service activities at the stage of pre-trial and judicial investigation.
  • Criminal law analysis, development and implementation of concepts of protection and legal security of economic entities in the course of their business activities.
  • Legal assistance in conducting investigative, procedural measures by law enforcement agencies, as well as supporting inspections by regulatory bodies.
  • Maintenance of searches, seizures, return of seized property and documentation.
  • Full range of attorneys for the suspect, accused, convicted, acquitted in criminal proceedings.
  • Representation in court, state authorities, local self-government, communal organizations, executive service, etc.
  • Representing the interests of other participants in the criminal proceedings, in particular the victim and the civil plaintiff, with a view to bringing the perpetrator to justice, as well as compensation for all damages suffered by the client;
  • Accompanying the conclusion of agreements in the criminal process.
  • Preparation of management and staff for possible investigative and procedural actions.
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